Sunday School

The Sunday School Department of Truth Tabernacle is committed to teaching the truth of God’s Word to all ages. Enthusiastic, spirit-filled teachers use various methods of instruction to instill Bible truths into the hearts of young and old alike. These methods of teaching include puppet shows, dramas, biblical story-telling, Bible-based games, and singing. Our Sunday School teachers are committed to helping their students find God’s direction for their lives.

Join us for Sunday School! We have classes for all ages.

Bus Ministry

Truth Tabernacle’s Bus Ministry began in 1960 with just one bus. The blessings of God have been upon this endeavor, and Truth Tabernacle currently has eighteen buses and ten vans that are active on Sunday mornings. These buses and vans, along with many dedicated bus captains, workers, and mechanics, are responsible for several hundred children, young people, and adults coming through the doors of Truth Tabernacle each week.


The Music Department of Truth Tabernacle plays a vital role in each of our services. Praise singers, musicians, soloist, quartets, chorale groups, a children’s choir, and a mass choir all magnify the Lord in song. Truth Tabernacle believes in giving exuberant worship unto the Lord. Worshipping in song is just one way that we glorify God.

“Sing unto him (the Lord) a new song, play skillfully with a loud noise.” (Psalm 33:3)

Youth Alive

The Youth Department of Truth Tabernacle provides an avenue for young people to be involved in the work of God. Young people from all backgrounds participate in many different roles including ushering, Bible quizzing, Bus Ministry, choir, and teaching in Sunday School. Additionally, the youth of Truth Tabernacle engage in several varied activities and trips throughout the year including youth rallies, an annual youth retreat, youth camps, On Course Youth Conference, and West Coast Conference.

The goal of Truth Tabernacle’s Youth Department is to reach the youth of our city while becoming more like Jesus.

Truth Tabernacle Christian School

Truth Tabernacle Christian School was born in the heart of Truth Tabernacle. Our primary objectives and purposes are training students in the knowledge of God and the Christian way of life and giving students an excellent education.

Our teachers realize their responsibility at Truth Tabernacle Christian School is to mold lives and character. They are personally responsible for each student receiving a good foundation for the life that lies ahead, both spiritually and academically.

TTCS offers a complete, integrated educational program from Kindergarten through the 12th grade. Started in 1980, it continues to thrive as a vital ministry of Truth Tabernacle.

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